No Taming This Shrew


NPR is a bear to wake up to

First, thanks to everyone for their nice responses to my emotional baggage drop off. I laughed at myself during the day, because my friend T had asked about my blog last weekend. He demanded assurance that mine was not a blog "that talked about really personal stuff." No, I assured him with a Bacall cackle, mine's simply about the banal minutiae of my existence.

HA! Then I cut loose with my emo-bomb! Thankfully T has the attention span of a coked-up bumblebee, so I'm not too concerned with whether he remembered to look at my blog in order to get disappointed. To those of you who did get splashed on a bit, cheers and thanks.

I recently changed my clock alarm from the soothing sounds of classical music (such a gentle waking) to NPR, thinking that a little news would do me good. Damn was I wrong! The 6 am news this morning led with "EXPLOSIONS IN MANHATTAN OUTSIDE BRITISH CONSULATE." I lept out of my bed and was in the living room with the TV on and a phone in my hand before I heard that no one was believed injured and that today is the British national election. Sheesh. My heart's only now slowing down. To ease the pain, please see one of the UK's better political parties, the Monster Raving Looney Party. (they are indeed official)

In other happier news, one of my students discussed the apocalyptic imagery in King Lear by referring to that book near the end of the Bible. You know, Revaluations? Simple perfection. I wrote that he wasn't far wrong...