No Taming This Shrew


Here's to Labour!

Three terms! Heck yeah, Tony Blair! I have to confess that I was rather stunned that the blokes pulled it off this time. (This story in the Post notes that it was a close thing -- smallest victory every.) The town hall meetings and street protests against Blair were so vociferous that I was convinced the party wouldn't make it into Downing Street again. (Oh foolish Megarita forgets so soon all the screaming about Bush before the election...silent tear.)

I guess the economy in the UK (which effectively bankrupted me last month and guaranteed no travel until AUGUST - limey bastards) outweighs Iraq. If anyone reads Doonesbury, the series on the blogging soldier is rather cutting. He writes that he's thankful that anyone remembers them anymore, since "Iraq is the new Afganistan." Lordy...