No Taming This Shrew


Coming Unstuck

Ahhh the glories of the extra long weekend!

I'll save the gory details of my journey to the land of the dead for the woman who gets paid to hear those sorts of things, but I will say this much -- I begged for help and guidance, and I got an answer. Creepy, yet very soothing.

Claven asked what it meant to be stuck in megarita's world. I would say that for me a sense of stuckedness comes from seeing a great many things in my life unfinished. In my case this involves dissertations, housing changes that don't get done, weirdly wrong relationships that don't get cut off, and things like that. I've had the sense that these things are not getting done for a reason -- whether that's fear or hesitation or doubt or what have you. So I went on my little Odyssean journey to see whether I could get past that. Only time will tell whether it worked or not! Thanks for all the good wishes.

I've got little kids crawling all over me -- my cousin's kids are in NY -- so I need to go play make-believe about otters and seals before I train it back to the Beltway. Mmmmm....Beltway.