No Taming This Shrew


I (heart) Frank Hardy

The other night Dr. E and I were discussing mystery authors we love and old books we read to pieces when we came around to the Hardy Boys. Good old Frank and Joe. Laughingly, someone asked "Frank or Joe for you?" and I immediately replied, "Frank, no question." (Poor B. was looking on in horror and gesturing around for a waiter, hoping against hope that this line of converation was brought on by the sassy New Zealand white wine.) For a speedy trip down memory lane, check out this site of Hardy Boys cover art.

I have no recollection of Frank Hardy other than he was older and had dark hair. He and his equally banal bother Joe solved mysteries at places like Pirate's Cove. But apparently somewhere deep within my inner 10-year-old, a lust remains. I love Frank Hardy.

And so ends today's episode of "Fictional Men of Mystery I Have Loved." Next week, tune in for Melrose Plant and Inspector Lynley: Delicious Landed Gentry.