No Taming This Shrew


My name's Megarita and I want a shortcut

"Hi Megarita!"

Alley had a typically hilarious post about a computer program to grade student essays. I knee-jerked a response about how "outrageous" such a thing was and how people wanted to hire people "who could write."

That being said, I'm completely on autopilot with the last of my student papers. I'm literally skimming looking for words more complicated or original than "despair," "hope," or "tragedy." If they can say more than "howling is what dogs do" or "grief takes a lot out of a person" when discussing King Lear, those SOBs are getting an A. I had one paper last night that was so excellent in places that I thought it MUST be stolen, but I was so happy to be reading non-excrement that he got an A-. (I'm betting on some good comments he made in class, don't panic.)

So here's to the Chimps -- I've taught them well.