No Taming This Shrew


School for the Gifted

Two dim bulbs from Pennsylvania gave Washingtonians dirty underpants yesterday. Idiot savants flew OVER DC in their wee plane because they had "outdated maps." You have not lived until you've seen Hill Rats running for their lives. It's a full-fledged polyester migration. (I jest -- I would have been knocking over the elderly to get away from the Hill with a plane coming in.) These guys flew their Cesna over the VP's residence, which is about 10 minutes by car from 1600 Pennsylvania -- I'm surprised Cheney didn't "take care of things" himself, quite honestly.

When contacted by radio, the two fellows asserted their right to be flying this way and refused to change direction. Only thing that tipped the pilots off to their error? Flares shot in front of their plane's nose by F16 fighters. I am floored that these guys weren't shot down. Mildly disappointed, actually.

Thankfully (???) W was bike riding up near my area and the leadership decided they didn't need to bother him since he was out of harm's way. (This strikes me as hilarious, personally.) Everyone else was evacuated (including Joan Rivers, thank heavens, who was on the Hill for some malarkey).

It takes a very special person to fly over DC these days and then refuse to change course when confronted by sophisticated military aircraft that are loaded for bear.* Their friends are quoted as saying that, "I am utterly shocked. I think this was, honestly, just an honest mistake." Honestly.

*I think I can work the word "bear" into every post I write. It's unconsciously done, but then I re-read and realize that I might be an Ursaphile or something! Maybe it's Theodore E. Bear's secret mindcontrol, which seeps into my skull through his furry tummy on loud nights...