No Taming This Shrew


Best date story of the weekend

My dear friend called this weekend and we chatted a bit. She, like me, is a swinging single gal and we often commiserate over unfortunate dating experiences. She's got me beat this weekend.

She went out on an online date with an artist. Got to dinner, the man has only one arm. They've been in touch for a while, and he's never mentioned it. Entire date, he never mentions it. He's an interesting guy, so they go out again. Still nothing. She called it off after the third because he was a pompous ass and because "he was really touchy-feely, especially for a guy with one arm."

(To me this is only equaled by my acquaintance who, when being charged by Canadian cops with assaulting a street performer, stated in his defense that, "the mime was talking shit to me.")