No Taming This Shrew


Flushing the weekend

Thank god for Friday nights. Without them, Saturdays and Sundays like the ones I'm looking at are nothing but bleak. Went to a gathering last night, saw a bunch of chums, chatted with the usual good lookin' men, had a few too many beers (eat dinner next time, Megarita! Limes and olives are not enough!), had an awesome time, and ended up safe and sound in my own bed.

This morning, with my poor widdle brain rattling around my cranium, I'm looking at my to-do list. After my Shakespeare class evaporated last week (insert low growl here), I was a couple thousand short for the summer. But then the academic fairies came to visit and now I have a comp class that's at night and with fewer (please god fewer) students! WOOHOO! Only problem is...I haven't taught comp in about 2 or 3 years, I think, and the class starts in 2 weeks.

So Megarita needs to write a syllabus for a class that meets twice a week for three hours in the evening. (Any excellent classroom game suggestions welcome.) I need textbooks, and I need to order them. I also need to finish editing my chapter and mail it off to my well-coiffed director, forcibly produce about 20 new pages of my GODDAMN WITCHES CHAPTER (which is not going well), finish up some research for a professor, and start packing my room in stages (I'm moving in late August -- not far, dear readers, but far enough). My clothing alone may require the month of July. I'm a clotheshorse. Or a clotheshorse in training. Whinny.

Hence, thank god for a good Friday. Sure I've been swilling coffee since 9 in an attempt to make myself coherent enough to get to the gym and sweat away the vodka tonics (to no avail), and sure I've got sheet creases in my face still even after having been up for 2 hours. I can be a recluse for a weekend if I start it off right. Happy weekending all -- think fondly of your Megarita as she toils away in her ivory tower. (insert pity party here!! But only temporarily. 4th of July weekend will make it all all right...heh heh heh)