No Taming This Shrew


(Dude) Voices Carry

Through some twisted miracle of sonic bouncing, I'm hearing a conversation from two houses down through my open window. Two houses down is a frat house. They're playing ball in their yard and discussing their respective skills on several kinds of playing fields. Apart from the obvious, they're debating what part class plays in a woman's easy-ness. That is, will a girl put out more if she comes from a lower middle class upbringing? Of course, I've "growed-up" the language here. The exchange (which continues on even as I type...people are DISSERTATING here!) went more like:

"I dunno man, I don't think it matters." (thwack - ball hits glove)
"Man, you are not hearing me! (thwack) White trash girls are way easier!"
"What, so if some chick grew up in a trailer then she's gonna put out more?"
"'Xactly. Dude, she's probably been (thwack) screwing her cousins, you know? (snort huh huh huh, slapping noise -- presumably high five?)"
"Gotta be better than those really snobby ones. (thwack) I mean, half naked and all the attitude (this part was garbled) like they're all that. Trashy. (thwack, with feeling) Not trailer trash, you know, but not classy."
"Yeah. I hear ya." (silence - thoughtful?)
"So dude where did all the hot ladies go this summer?"
"Man, I gotta tell you about the other night!"

Of all the conversations in all the world, theirs has to waft into my room...