No Taming This Shrew


MJ gets off and I get shafted

Where's the justice, people??? Michael Jackson is completely cleared of all charges (heck, there was reasonable doubt, I know, but really?!?!) and my summer Shakespeare class gets cancelled. This special class had to be marketed and sold to a non-campus audience, but the mothersmurfing marketing department at Ass Hats Central couldn't get the job done. I had performance, history, poetry, field trips, acting, special effects and all kinds of cool stuff. But now it's gone.

Financially, this could be a bit of a crisis. This means a couple thousand just evaporated. But I'll cobble something together. I have skills and I have friends who can hire me part time and I have savings. (hee hee, "savings"!) It's more the hours of planning and plotting and excited thinking that go into building a brand new class from the ground up that were wasted. I was going to be teaching my dissertation topic before heading off to a fellowship year with no students. (Perhaps that's part of my dismay -- was my topic displeasing to the public? This would not bode well for the book and DVD special edition package with Megarita commentary I'm planning on releasing upon graduation.)

I fear that I might have to take out my rage on the academics today. It's our first day with a heat index above 100 degrees here in the sunny mid-Atlantic. (Is it summer yet? HELL NO!) I'm thinking of making the profs play ultimate frisbee with me on the Mall. Or at least throwing my new shiny pink disk really far and making them fetch like terriers. Mmmmm....fantasy life.