No Taming This Shrew


No More Blue Shrew!

I just re-read through a few of my posts and realized how tiresome I've become! Wah wah wah my life's so hard. Well, today's better. Spent a productive day in my office sans supervision, about to go have fruity umbrella drinks and spicy asian food outside in the sunshine with an old pal (screw the bronzer -- I'm hitting the strappy tank tan!), and I'm seeing Batman Begins with my buddy Birmingham Boy tomorrow night after my day off. (I enjoy alliterative outings.) HUMP DAY PARTY! HUMP DAY PARTY! Yes. The universe has righted itself.

Off to polish my liver...someone remind me to post the (hopefully unintentionally) suggestive email I got from an academic VIP . Also helped make the day brighter. LOVE the potential of seeking legal counsel. I kid...