No Taming This Shrew


Champagne hangover

So my friend ES is now DOCTOR ES, PhD. She defended in 90 minutes, setting a department record for "love fest." I was doing my duty as the "booze wagon," in a friend's words, and waiting outside with champagne and glasses. Some people cock an eyebrow at bubbly at 2 pm. I have three words for them: mi-mo-sa.

So we were swinging back bubbly and toasting the Good Doctor and weighing her ENORMOUS dissertation in our hands for a while, then sashayed down to a local watering hole for more drinks. I got home around 6 and had to lie down before getting behind the wheel. Completely inadvertant drunk. And this morning I woke up feeling as though my head was...bubbly?

I chatted with my friend S. ( might be a man for Retrodragon, actually -- devastatingly good looking and distantly related to me!) last night as I was winding down and he assured me that champagne headaches, while deadly, were "totally worth it." He's right. Champagne (especially the nice extra dry that I prefer) means celebration, adulation, and goofy toasts. It's a beautiful thing.