No Taming This Shrew


That's one cute meth addict!

Had an odd experience the other day. I was watching Oprah and letting my brain fizz for a while, and when I finally tuned into what she was talking about, I realized it was a program about Meth addicts. (In typical Oprah style - e.g., "there are child molesters in this country and they are coming after your kids." (actual quote) -- she said that meth is the fastest growing drug in America and it is "the devil's drug.")

Thing is, this chick looked like no meth-head I've ever seen/met/fled. This was a little blonde chick from the suburbs. She didn't even look the typical rode-hard-put-up-wet meth addict. (I'm obviously no expert, but have sadly known more than a few.) I figured they wanted a cute girl to really scare the all-female audience into locking up their daughters.

Then Boondocks this week was all about "black television." Huey decides to watch a week of "black" television and scientifically calculate results. Here's his findings from today's Post. Positive black role models on TV spend their time "talking to white people about their problems." It made me laugh, and it certainly explained the Marcia Brady Meth Addict. She was whisked off to an all expenses paid detox farm in a limo after a live intervention - Oprah told her she was not her past but her potential. (Oprah Winfrey is absolutely the person who gets to say that - I don't know another person who has gotten through more incredible hardship with so much.) I hope hope hope Marcia heard her, but it's tough to hear that when you're SEVENTEEN.