No Taming This Shrew


Return of the Bride

Well, I was disappointed to hear that our Fleet Footed Sister actually planned the whole bail-out in advance, but I'm still not angry enough. This certainly says much more about me than about the situation. I've had many a moment when I felt like pulling onto the highway and aiming the car "west" rather than to the grocery store or to dinner. Heck, it's a big country, right?

A friend of mine saw some shrink on TV considering the meaning of why she went to Vegas and why she claimed that two people kidnapped her -- she hypothesized that the woman felt that Vegas is where fast weddings happen and where things can go wrong and be ok, and that she felt as though two people were indeed controlling her life (like a mom or a mom-in-law or a fiance, for example). Very interesting analysis, but that doesn't help her now. (Hank Steuver recommended that a GPS scrunchy be attached to her from now on.)

Favorite (and last, hopefully) comment about this situation. My southern gentleman friend at work confessed that if he were the fiance, he'd likely be more attracted to her after she fled the state. "Damn, girl, you are Crazy! GET IN MY BED!" Hilarious, and a confirmation of what I've always suspected: loony is sexy.