No Taming This Shrew


Need to revist my top 5 live shows

Because man oh man was Stereophonics amazing last night! I had an actual "Beatles Head Grab & Shriek" at one point because I was so overwhelmed. This band basically rewired their sound for their latest album (which I really enjoy), so the concert was hard hard rocking. This from the band who sang "Step on my old size nines"!?! Amazing transformation. The lead singer had a little bit of a Bono-as-The Fly thing going on with sunglasses, but he was a wee guitar god last night. Truly an amazing show. Had to take an extra-long shower to get the rock smut off myself (this is that delicate amalgum of cigarette smoke, beer, sweat [yours and others], and rain in my case) this morning and I'm pretty beat, but this was easily one of the top 5 shows in my book. It was one of those experiences that made me think, "I need to go buy all of their albums. Tonight." At the very least, Momentary and I turned to each other afterwards and said, "we need to revise the top 5 lists!"

If they're coming to your town, for god's sake go see them.