No Taming This Shrew


An unfortunate consequence of NPR

I've been oversleeping every morning since I made NPR my clock alarm, and I've only just discovered why. It's all the bad news. When I hear sad or upsetting reports, I tend to get up, walk to the alarm, slam the snooze, and crawl back into bed. This has gone on for up to an hour this past week.

"Today in Iraq insurgents killed 60 Iraqis..."
[Me: Growl? Sigh shuffle shuffle shuffle slam! shuffle shuffle rustle snore]

"Bolton's confirmation should move to the Senate floor..."
[Me: Argh! Pat pat pat pat SLAM pat pat trip curse rustle rustle snore]

"There are over 60 military bases in Virginia and Maryland that could be shut..."
[Me: (Disgusted sound) tromp tromp tromp CRASH shuffle shuffle grunt rustle deep breath]

But today, something rather unusual happened. I was wide awake and making coffee at 6:30. Here's why:
"Billy is a young actor with wonderful expression and tremendous agility. He's performing in his school's musical production of Oklahoma! this week, along with a fellow actor who sings the part while Billy signs it. Billy is a hearing impaired actor." [this is my sleepy remembrance of it -- Morning Edition will have it later.]
[Me: 'Wha? Delightful!' whistle whistle shuffle ball change tap tap tap OFF trot trot trot off to get the paper]

So the alarm only works when the news is good or (literally) uplifting. Since I have to give an exam at 8 am on Monday, and I can't take the risk of the news being about Iraq or about something else I find soporifically upsetting, I have to change channels. Suggestions welcome!