No Taming This Shrew


Oh, Basil...

I love basil.

I have affection for it as a man's name (see A Room with a View's Daniel Day Lewis, or Fawlty Tower's John Cleese), but I love to blend it to tiny bits with garlic and drown it in olive oil, stir in salt, pepper, parm cheese, and ground pine nuts. Then I eat it with pasta, on crostini, with a spoon...I swear it's adding years to my life.

When summer arrives, I reach my basil frenzy. Everything is green, everything is ripe, and most things can use some basil. Don't even get me started on the summer tomatoes. You know what's good with a summer tomato? If you're not just eating them with a knife, fork, and ample salt? Cutting them into little bits and mixing them in with garlic, basil, and some ricotta cheese.' markets are practically erotic for me this time of year. God help the Amish this weekend -- I've got some buying to do. And when the peaches start hitting their prime, well, let's just say I won't be blogging for a while.

I'm also reaching my barbequeing apex -- I cannot WAIT to start setting things on fire this weekend. Basil not required.