No Taming This Shrew


I might be ruining major league baseball singlehandedly

Another great night for baseball last night -- if rather sweaty. Stickiness aside, it was another rather excellent evening of Super Dogs, BUD, and people watching in DC. Nats/Mets series, which are especially fun since we have the same cheers. Hee. And DC is so damn polite at games that the Mets fans make everyone get all a-twitter. ("Was that vulgarity?")

Sadly, JordanBaker has finally clued in that the Nats lose when I watch them, so I might be off the invite list. I knew I had this power, and I've hestitated to become a real fan of any professional team as a result. Now I've dragged the poor Nats (although they've been doing quite well when I'm not there) into my web of dismal athletic failure. You should have seen my poor field hockey team in high school -- they went to the playoffs after I moved away!

Although we did discover that the stadium sells Chipwiches, which makes me want to test my luck (or at least the team's luck?) one more time.

Can't write any more -- need to go hear more about the London bombings. Nothing frightens you more than seeing the "safest" city -- all those cameras, no trashcans, etc -- get hit so quickly and professionally. Bush's comments to the press were not satisfying. Thank god Blair has oral communication skills.