No Taming This Shrew


Hail and farewell

Two of the most interesting people I have had the pleasure of knowing in the area are leaving. Last night a group of us feted them and wished them luck while actively mourning their departures. One always feels a bit that friends are "awfully selfish" to leave, right? How dare these interesting people leave and reduce my number of fascinating friends? This will spoil my rankings for certain.

My grief at losing Professor Friend is somewhat assuaged by having access his blog, which is written with (actually, primarily by) his wife, who is a truly lovely writer. It's one of these damnable blogs that has focus and depth all at the same time. I told you he was an interesting one! The link will be in my linkography henceforth. Although I must warn you that reading their ruminations can immediately inspire a session of "blogging shame" and make you run back to your blog to fix up the place a bit. (In [sort of] the words of Mr. Bennet in P&P, this bad feeling passes faster than it should.)

Super D, the other friend, is moving on to greener professional pastures where her photographic genius will have room to thrive. If one is in the arts, one must head to the Big Apple, I think. (I'm not sure why I'm writing with "one" so much -- probably after effects of the stupid good blog.) She is one of these people who have a skill set that any Renaissance humanist would envy. She can do and does do anything. She has also been trained to kill with her hands, I'm sure. She's also wicked and very fun to be with, and I will miss her terribly. This will inspire more Megarita in the Big Apple adventures, no doubt.