No Taming This Shrew


Saddam's skivvies

Lordy lordy I have never felt sorry for a dictator before, even when he didn't have the mythical Weapons of Mass Destruction (oopsie). But those pictures of that aged man in his underoos were really horrible. Typical Brit tabloid behavior, but...shudder. The Pentagon should really enjoy this round of "which American soldier is acting out this time." I am very proud of and worried for the vast majority of soldiers serving in Iraq and Afganistan, but GOOD GRIEF what is going on over there?
Bush probes Sadd's pants
President vows: I'll get to the bottom of it

The Sun:

OUR pictures of Saddam Hussein rocked the US — and were beamed around the world.

Americans woke to find the The Sun on all the news channels with our exclusive the top story on CNN.

The New York Post carried the pictures on its front page, along with our famous red logo.

It said: “Most Iraqis don’t know how Saddam can even sleep at night, but these photos show that when he does get some shut-eye, he bundles up against the cold like a street bum.”

Fox News anchor David Asman said: “This has really steamed some of the top brass at the Pentagon.”

CBS’s Early Show correspondent Steve Holt said: “They are truly remarkable pictures.”

Newspapers followed up our exclusive from Germany and Italy to India and Australia. The pictures were shown on TV in China and Hong Kong. And they were even screened in Baghdad by a Dubai-based station.

Back in Britain three 30p copies of The Sun, headlined Tyrant’s In His Pants, were cheekily put up for sale worldwide on eBay — with bids rising up to £4.40. The auction will continue for four days.

I admit it - I laughed at this. I also laughed at the insane website that is The Sun UK. But I think it's safe to say that we've lost the war for hearts and minds in the Gulf. We have actually lost ground with the Arab world. I didn't think that was possible, but we've pulled it off. Cheers all around.