No Taming This Shrew


Infiltrating Dude HQ

Diva T and I had some catching up to do last night, so we met up after work on truly one of the nicest nights DC has had in weeks. She was feeling tequila-ey, so we walked over to a Turtle U institution -- which we'll call "Southwestern Metropolis."

This bar/restaurant is dude central -- I never go there for fear of running into students past and present. But it's the 'tween semester time here, and it's a weekend break, so I figured it would be quiet. And it was far mellower than it's been, but's Southwestern Metropolis.

First of all, T and were a solid 7-10 years older than everyone there. No one carded us. I'm surprised they didn't offer me an Ensure or a place to put my walker. Outrageous. Thankfully, T and I can still hold out own, decrepit washed up oldies that we are.

Favorite line of the night (overheard): "So I totally passed out in front of the refrigerator holding a cantelope."

Favorite spotting: Important Renaissance scholar, whom I immediately invited over to join us. He was tempted, but thankfully thought better of my excellent and rather boozily offered plan to hang with the ladies. (That sound you hear is either my nascent career flushing down the toilet or the "cha-ching" of a tenure track job at this man's institution. Chortle...)

Favorite bill from a restaurant: 2 taco salads, 8 margaritas. We will keep our girlish figures while we pound back cheap tequila.

I was even home at a decent enough hour that I woke up around 8:30 and shuffled out to make crepes for the roomie and myself. We settled down to geek out on a Mystery Science Theater re-run and then watched the Tour de France for a bit. French extravaganza! Those guys scare the hell out of me, but damn it's an exciting thing to watch. Also, today's stage winner was a man called "Weening," which I heard as "Wiener," so A. and I got to stand up in our living room and cheer "Go Wiener Go!" It's an inspiring way to start a Saturday...for us and our dudelet neighbors.